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We have 2 types of BULK SMS service, simple and Advanced. The simple type, users can upload contacts and schedule or send SMS  without any authorization. The advance, users have 3 levels of security. Composer, Editor and Authorizer. For more information contact us.

Digital Farm Service

Digital Farm is a system where farmers can get immediate help from experts. By use of interactive voice and SMS systems farmers are able to easily communicate from wherever they are in the country. The digital farm is a mobile web based system that enables farmers to ask questions or enquire about anything to do with farming in all languages by calling or texting and getting feedback immediately.


This is an anti-counterfeit system that enables consumers to check the validity of a product before purchasing it. It has 3 levels of security. SMS,NFC and TAMPERPROOF

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With increased fraud and vulnerability in magnetic stripe based cards using PIN and signature authentication, Europay, MasterCard and Visa teamed up and devised a technology to secure card data. This was named EMV (abbreviation for the three bodies) and its made up of chip based cards combined with PIN authentication.

Loyalty System

Customer Loyalty System (CLS) cards are the easiest, most effective marketing tool on the market today. The CLS cards are the size thickness of a credit card, and are as attractive as they are durable. Best of all there are no machines to purchase and swipe and there are no per card transactions fees, just personalized card with  a unique number that allows you or your customer to access their account and know quickly and easily how much they have coming to them in credit against their next repair or service. This system works in petrol stations, supermarkets etc


What our clients say

Digital Farm is a brilliant system that will really help our 30,000 farmers communicate with our organisation in the most easy and effective way.

Patrick Muriuki ICOSEED KENYA

This is a very creative and timely system that will help many farmers in counties and Kenya at large. Keep it up (During A.S.K show in Kisii County)

Deputy President William S. Ruto Deputy President republic of Kenya

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MobiSky Innovations is a mobile technology solutions development company seeking to provide
software solutions to drive and support businesses processes, with a major focus on efficiency,
cost saving and decision support.

Our keys to success include;
  • Providing business establishments and institutions with highly customized solutions that
  • Establishing and maintaining good working relationships with our partners and clients^
  • Offering guaranteed quality services which are very useful to the client.^
  • Establishing collaborations with key industry players who already have a niche in the
  • Dealing with clients and fulfilling their ICT needs as individuals, not as a crowd.^


Translating client problems into mobile web based solution
Strategy and business modelling

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