iCheck Anti-Counterfeit System

iCheck- Anti-Counterfeit System


Counterfeit School certificate result in an increase of Public and Private Ghost workers and can also be a major public concern. Sadly, the country seems to be losing the fight against counterfeit certificates.


Some of the Anti-Counterfeit technologies used locally include holograms, QR Codes and tamper proofing technologies such as seals, both used by the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) and Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and or ​Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB)​.Apart from these technologies, several efforts – both by government and private sector ­ have been put in place to curb this menace including: enforcement by use of anti­counterfeit bill No. 13 of 2008, use of quality marks by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and national awareness campaigns, such as “Fagia Bandia” campaign championed by the Anti­-Counterfeit Authority (ACA).


Despite all these efforts, there is still a rising trend in counterfeit certificates. This is attributed to the fact that the employers are rarely involved in the authentication of School certificate.


In light of these challenges, MobiSky Innovations designed a unique ICT based anti­counterfeit system dubbed ​iCheck​ that places the future employer at the center of the verification process. This unique system enables the future employer to check the authenticity of the certificate without having to rely on the restrictive water marked and designed certificate. The future employer is able to tap and read an ​iCheck ​tag that has been securely integrated into the product using an NFC mobile application. This process enables the future employer to verify whether the certificate is genuine before employing the graduate. ​iCheck​ seeks to amicably solve the problem of counterfeiting in the Kenyan market, by giving the future employer the power to establish its authenticity before employing students.